Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fitness and Exercise Photo Shoot

Chinese woman drinking water after jogging
© Photographer: Imagesbykenny | Agency:

I did a fitness and exercise shoot in my studio last year, but I'd been wanting to do another one on location. The only athletics track near me was demolished last year and I didn't know of any others nearby. So I was pleased when Yanlin, a model I work with, contacted me about doing a sports shoot. Even better was that she had already found a great location for the shoot.

Chinese woman jogging at stadium
© Photographer: Imagesbykenny | Agency:

We used an athletics track in New Taipei City. The emphasis was on jogging, so the track at the stadium was perfect. We arranged an early morning shoot to try and avoid crowds of other people getting in the shots. Despite getting there early, there were already dozens of people jogging, doing tai chi, throwing shot puts, and doing a wide variety of exercises and workouts. So extra care had to be taken when framing the shots.
Chinese female athlete stretching legs on sports f
© Photographer: Imagesbykenny | Agency:
Since we already had the rising sun, I used only a single flash with an umbrella, and a reflector. The main difficulty in the early morning sun is that the shadows are long, so the shots had to be composed carefully to avoid the shadows looking weird. Yanlin is very energetic and lively, and had lots of fun running around and as usual was a complete pleasure to work with. 
Due to teams of joggers and other athletes coming in to train on the track, we only shot for two hours, but we did get a lot of useful shots. In the series there is "Asian female jogger drinking water after workout," Chinese woman jogging at Stadium," "Chinese female athlete on track," and a variety of other running, jogging, stretching, and other workout photos. The examples here are from Dreamstime, but you can also see the series on Shutterstock too here:

Monday, August 25, 2014

Beware of Signals from

I don’t usually rant about consumer issues on my blog, but this one service has been annoying me to no end. On Facebook a few months ago I saw an advert for Signals—an e-mail marketing service run by Hubspot. I decided to look into it and subscribed to their newsletter. It didn’t take me long to realize that their service was not for me, so I unsubscribed. These original newsletter -emails were from Daniel Wolchonok

A few days later I was still getting e-mails from them, but I noticed that the sender and the e-mail address had changed (It was now Anum Hussain I thought this was a dishonest way of continuing to send e-mails, but I just unsubscribed from that e-mail, too. At first they did not stop. I sent a less than friendly e-mail to Anum, and he replied—promising to opt me out of ALL e-mails. BUT, again a few days later I was still getting e-mails from them, but this time from the same sender but another e-mail address (Anum Hussain This is the deceptive way they operate; as soon as you unsubscribe from one, they simply start sending the newsletter from another e-mail address. This time there has been no reply to my complaints. I have been sending all mails from them to and I have filed a formal complaint with the FTC, so I still waiting to see how that pans out. In the meanwhile I am still getting spammed by them.
Deceptive spam from from
Trying to unsubscribe from Signals from is impossible. Once you opt in there is no way out.
If you happen to see the Signals from ad in your Facebook newsfeed or anywhere else, think carefully about subscribing as there appears to be no way to effectively unsubscribe. DO NOT click on it if you don’t want and endless stream of spam from I thought Hubspot would have higher standards, but seeing as how some of the e-mail addresses used are Hubspot e-mails, I assume they have no ethics either.