Friday, April 24, 2015

How To Use Photos Effectively On Your Blog

Chinese businesswoman at desk looking at monitor
Asian businesswoman stumped about which photos to use for her companies' blog post

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Why Use Photos On Your Blog?

Do you often wonder how to boost engagement on your blog or social media site? Visually appealing, easily digested photos are key as our brains react to images better and faster than text. Psychologist Albert Mehrabian proved that 93% of communication is nonverbal. Ninety percent of the data that our brains process is visual and our brains process images 60,000 times faster than text. Images affect our emotions quickly, and our emotions affect our decision-making. So if decisions are based on quick intuitional judgment and emotions, then imagine how many decisions are influenced by visually engaging photos.

Chinese woman sitting thinking outside
Asian woman thinking about optimizing blog post
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Tips On How To Use Photos On Your Blog

Choose photos that are relevant to your blog or social media site, whether literal or conceptual. Keep your audience in mind, and use images they will connect with.

Asian woman holding clock
Do you spend too much time wondering what images to use in your blog posts?
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Your lead photo should be carefully selected. This is the main image on top of your blog, and will probably be the image that appears when your blog is shared on social media. It should show the reader what the blog is about and motivate them to click and share it. If your blog is under 500 words, then only a lead photo should suffice, but if you have a longer blog, use more images between blocks of text to make it easier to read and to add more visual appeal.
Row of color pencil crayons
Colorful photos can add visual appeal to your blog, website, or social media campaign
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Make sure you own the license with the right permissions before using a photo. It's easy to find images on Google, etc but most are not legal to use, so you could wind up in trouble.

Asian woman with coffee cup
Woman relaxing with a cup of coffee after finding the right photos for her blog post
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