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Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 Shooting Modes (Part 5 of FZ1000 Review)

Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 shooting modes (Part 5 of FZ1000 Review)

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The Lumix FZ1000's mode dial has all the shooting modes represented by a white icon on a black background. There are two intelligent Auto modes: Intelligent Auto and Intelligent Auto Plus. Both use scene detection to determine correct exposure using one of nine scene modes including portrait, macro, handheld night shot, baby, and sunset.


If the camera is on a tripod, Intelligent Auto sets a slower shutter speed than for hand-held shots and automatically sets face/eye detect autofocus, backlight compensation, and intelligent ISO, i.resolution, and i.dynamic and enhances images with sharpness or contrast.


Intelligent Auto Plus allows you to change the auto exposure settings. Both modes allow background defocus to produce more or less depth of field, but Intelligent Auto Plus allows exposure compensation and color balance adjustment using the rear thumb dial. Other menu settings available in Intelligent Auto Plus include photo styles, image quality, and single or continuous AF.


In the PASM modes the rear thumb dial is used to change exposure settings. In Manual mode you switch between aperture and shutter speed control by pressing the dial.


The FZ1000 can use a mechanical or electronic shutter. The range of the mechanical shutter is 60s to 1/4000 plus a bulb setting with a maximum of two minutes. The electronic shutter extends the shutter speed range to 1/16000. Silent mode automatically selects the electronic shutter and turns off the flash, AF illuminator, and other sounds.


The FZ1000's mode dial's palette icon provides access to 22 Creative control filter effects.


Four of the filters are monochrome- Monochrome, Rough Monochrome, Silky monochrome, and Dynamic monochrome. Others include Old days, Toy pop, Bleach bypass, Fantasy and sunshine.


Most Creative effects filters can be adjusted, and can be used with video, except Rough monochrome, Silky monochrome, Soft focus, Star filter and Sunshine. Creative effects cannot be applied in 4K which needs the mode dial to be set to Creative video.


The Multiple Exposure mode can automatically combine up to four images. The Lumix FZ1000 has a traditional Time Lapse Shot mode and Stop Motion Animation. In either mode, the FZ1000 can assemble the sequence into a movie; the still photos are kept if you want to use them later.

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