Monday, October 24, 2016

Strike A Pose Lightroom presets from Sleeklens

I recently added Sleeklens' Strike A Pose bundle of Lightroom presets and brushes to my tools in Lightroom. I am generally reluctant about new LR presets as most of the bundles I've tried in the past have had only two or three useable presets. So, I was surprised at just how many of the powerful presets in this bundle are instantly useful.

The Strike A Pose Lightroom Portrait Bundle comes with 69 portrait presets and 62 brushes. The LR presets are handily grouped into All in One, Base,  Exposure, Color, Tone Tint, Polish, and Vignette. The brushes are grouped into Color Brushes, Face Brushes, Hair Brushes, Haze Brushes, and Light Brushes. The download comes with guides on installing as well as how to stack the presets.

I haven't used the brushes much yet, so I will update when I've used the brushes more. The presets are easy to use and great for instantly improving your photos while allowing one to tweak them to your own personal style and taste.

There are a few sample presets from the bundle that can be downloaded from the website, so you can test them for yourself: Strike-a-pose-portrait-workflow

There is also a Photoshop version available, Portrait Perfection, which I'll write about if I get it in the future.