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2012 Kelby Photo Walk - Raohe Night Market Taipei.

Raohe Night Market Entrance
The co-ordinator for Scott Kelby's 2012 Worlwide Photo Walk, Craig Ferguson, chose Raohe Night Market as the destination for the walk. Raohe Street Night Market (饒河街觀光夜市) is located on Raohe Street in the Songshan District near the train station. It is one of the oldest night markets in, Taipei, Taiwan. Shilin being the only older market in Taipei. 
Night market food
Woman buying food from vendor at night market in Taipei
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Raohe Night Market is popular among tourists visiting Taipei. A unique feature of Raohe Night Market is the big red entrance—I haven't seen any other Taipei night markets with this type of entrance (Lehua built one recently, but it is just hideous).
The group assembling for the 2012 Scott Kelby Photo Walk.
To get to Raohe Night Market, go to Houshanpi(後山埤) MRT station and walk north along Zhongpo N. Road (中坡北路) to the intersection of Zhongpo N. Road and Yongji Road (永吉路). It's right after the Songshan Railway Station.
Glazed pig heads
Glazed Pork at Raohe Night Market in Taiwan
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Raohe Night Market has a distinctly Taiwanese character. The market is about 600 meters long and has a wide variety of products and local foods. Some famous dishes there are oyster vermicelli, pepper meat buns, and stinky tofu. I tried glazed pork strips which despite having lived in Taipei for seven years had never heard about before. I highly recommend trying it if you this way.

Night market food
Chinese food vendor at night market
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Night market food
Tofu cooking at night market
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If you go down one of the alleyways, you come to Rainbow Bridge, which is a great place to sit and enjoy the night air and food from the night market.
Rainbow Bridge

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