Thursday, June 5, 2014

Shooting for Haxstrong T-shirt Catalog

The lovely Schoombee family posing for Haxstrong shoot

My friend Gregg Haxton is an overall all-round awesome person. A few years ago he was in a terrible motorcycle accident and landed up in a coma for two months and losing one of his eyes. He made a tremendous recovery despite of his physical injuries and partial brain damage. He fought his way back to health from a condition where many people would have given up all hope. He is a truly inspiring man.

Mei posing for clothing catalog shoot
These days, Gregg still has not fully recovered from some of the injuries, but has a whole new outlook of life. He now runs Haxstrong, a charity that helps people who are in need of medical care both with financial and moral support.
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Due to me living in a different city I'm not able to volunteer with Haxstrong's everyday operations. So I was delighted when I got a chance to help out by shooting some catalog photos for the T-shirt range they produce to raise funds. These have been used in flyers and posters so far but we should be working on the full catalog soon. Some of the models I work with on a frequent basis and friends were kind enough to support the shoots by modeling pro bono for the shoots.
Bean striking a pose for clothing catalog shoot
 For more information about Haxstrong, visit the website at or the Facebook page at

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