Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Typhoon Matmo in Taiwan, July 23, 2014

With Super Typhoon Soudelor set to hit Taiwan this Friday, I thought it is a good time to show the power of Typhoon Matmo from July 2014.

Stock Footage of Typhoon Matmo in Taiwan

Typhoon Matmo made landfall in Taiwan at midnight local time, July 23, 2014. It brought severe winds and torrential rain to Taiwan. At least 10 people were injured. It washed out one bridge, and disrupted electricity in Hualien on the east of Taiwan, but it did not cause much other damage.

Typhoon Matmo in Taiwan


Matmo made landfall with winds of over 160 km/h. The heaviest rain the typhoon brought was across the higher terrain of the east and interior Taiwan, dumping 650 millimeters of rain in the mountainous areas in the eastern coastal counties of Taitung and Hualien. Taipei had rainfall of 50–100 mm with wind gusts close to 100 km/h.

HD Stock Footage of Typhoon Matmo in Taiwan

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