Thursday, November 6, 2014

Quick and Easy Fixes to Look Good for the Camera

Models often ask me how to make themselves look better for the camera. Here are some quick and easy tips from professional models and make-up artists.

Taking the frizz out your hair the easy way

Fix unmanageable ends of your hair by rubbing a tiny blob of hand cream onto the ends of your hair, and then brush it. You will have a quick and easy fix.

Fuller looking lips

To make lips look fuller, fill them in with the pencil of similar color. Trace a little bit outside the lip line. Then apply a lip gloss on top. This reflects light and gives the illusion of fuller looking lips.

Smoky eyes

For a simple and easy smoky eyes effect, dab a little bit of foundation on your lids and then apply a soft grey pencil on top. Blend it gently to create the smudged and smoky effect. Add some mascara for a final touch.

High-drama red lips

Apply concealer all over your lips before applying lipstick. Then trace the contour of your lips with red pencil. Finish it all up by applying two red lipsticks–one darker and another lighter. Use darker red all over your lips and apply the lighter red in the middle of your lips. For more precise result use a lip brush.

Perfect face with no effort

To create “perfect face” models often use two concealers – one lighter (for around eyes area) and another slightly darker color for the areas of the face where they need it. Blend concealer with fingers.

Look fresh and amazing in pictures

Models often wear bright red lipstick leaving the rest of the face bare (or they use just a little bit of concealer to cover spots).

Make your eyes “pop”

To get bright eyes, apply your eyeshadow with a damp brush, like this the color of your eyeshadow will really pop.

Apply to be a model

Are you interested in modeling?  We are always looking for fresh new faces for pictures of people in a variety of settings and doing a variety of activities.  Normal people in natural settings are often required, so modeling experience is helpful but not necessary. We have themes for people of all ages, so people of any age can apply. The hourly wage will depend on the theme and your experience.
  • Be  comfortable in front of a camera
  • Be able to do your own hair and makeup in a simple natural style (women)
  • Be willing to sign a model release (if under 20, a parent/guardian needs to sign)     
  • Be reliable
  • Have a great smile
To apply for a shoot please click here: Model application form

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